Vlogging – is a video log.

Yes, I’ve been approached by a company/online magazine from USA to be one of their vloggers for a cosmetic/health online presence.  The PR company that I’ve worked with for the longest time worked out all the details for me and they flew me out to New York for a weekend to show me around the company and to sign the contract.

I’ve to say that I’m very happy with the offer and what I have to do and it’s a great opportunity for me to branch out this way.  Everything I use or review are sponsored and I get paid for it, now that’s awesome right?  I’m so blessed that PB supports all that I do online and I’ve to say that everything I’ve been doing is paying off because my online presence is phenomena.  I’ve not only make friends networking offline but online as well and many of you out there know what I’m talking about.

I’ve no regret blogging for the last 10 yrs or more, not only has it turn out to be lucrative, it has made me a much more informed person.  But because of various reasons related to the place I lived in,  I’ve started to blog on another platform in a more elaborate way 8 yrs ago, so as to not have a conflict of interest with some folks here.  On the other platform, I am able to post pictures and say what I want without worrying about who might read it as Canada has been blocked in that platform.  So unless, you are not from Canada, you will not see my blogs anywhere in the blogosphere.  So why do not not cancel these other blogs?  because they have advertisers on it and I’ve already committed to the advertisers and am not going to breach my contract with them.  So yes, I’m vlogging as well, and I’m doing it because it was an opportunity that I cannot refused, the remuneration is just too good to refuse.  So if you see me carrying my video camera around and talking with myself, do not think I’m going crazy – hahahah!

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