Spoilt To The Max


I finally got to open the goodies that I had bought from Halifax some 4 months ago during March break.  Yes, I had been so busy with all the things that were gifted to me by friends and advertisers that I didn’t have time to look into the stuff that I had bought some 4 months ago – such a slacker I am.  But it’s actually only because I’m so blessed with all the things that Chloe and I have been receiving from friends, home and advertisers, so there was no hurry at all to open the stuff that I had bought.


But here they are, cosmetic and skin care products that I had thought I needed when I was in the city with my g/f and family.  Oh plus , I did go for a trip to LA for GenCon , so I had a lot of goodies that I had brought back with me too from sponsors.


Some samples that came with the stuff I bought.


Did I tell you that I’m a Lush fan?  Yes, i loved this brand and hope that one day, I get to be sponsored by them.


Urban Decay Naked palette, since I am trying on eye make up for my vlogging purpose.


More skin care.


Skin care again.


Skin care but yet to try it.


More samples.


Good for traveling.


Free gifts – because I bought like $400 worth of skin care during this trip.


More gifts.


More samples and free gifts !  holy moly right!

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