Vlogger Fair In Seattle


Yes, Vlogger Fair will be in Seattle, Washington again and this year, I’ve been invited to go to the fair by Youtube and my PR company is making arrangement for me to meet up with my advertisers and other potential marketers.  I’m very excited of course and can’t wait to be in Seattle, Washington for a few days.  I’m hoping that I can catch up with some friends in Seattle and for those who’ve not heard of Vlogger Fair, don’t sweat it.  I didn’t know about it till my PR company from USA asked me to start vlogging for a company in USA – and a USA online magazine.

I’ve been indeed blessed with all the opportunities given to me throughout my years as a blogger and now vlogging.  The food network that I worked have also been really good to me and although I may not be in Asia, I still get to travel around the West because of my work.  So when customers at the store tells me that they haven’t seen me at the store for a long time, it’s probably because of my mini – work trips that had kept me busy and away.

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