Celebratory Moment


Yes !  a time for celebration ! that’s for sure.  My sister from another mother bought her very first all new car!  woohoo!!  while others may just envy or even be jealous about her success in saving up for a down payment and getting credit, I on the other hand am exuberant for her.  She is stronger than she think she is and have a better head on her shoulder than she think she has.  She did it on her own! and as her sister, I am so happy and proud of her.

Of course, not everyone thinks the same way as I , because the human beings are such complicated nature.  But I had told her not to worry about what others think because it’s of no consequences.  People can think or say what they want but what’s most important is what makes her happy and she should be so proud of her accomplishment/s.

Many people we know from here may not be happy when another do good but I’m always happy for those who does well in life/work/friends and money.  Why would I not be ?  Life is so good for us, we want to see others do well too. People who are not happy when seeing other people do well are troubled people, my 85 yrs old Greek boss said to me long time ago.

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