Keeping Your Marriage Healthy


A healthy marriage  is a happy marriage.  Besides not owing anyone money and having a flourishing business, the spouse would surprise me once in a while by buying me flowers and gifts that he knows I would love to have.  The spouse is a good provider, I never have to use my own money for anything, I even get a pocket money from him each month.  Money for me to splurge and to buy the things I wanna buy.

Some might not think that he is very talkative or funny but to me, he can be if he wants.  He is always there to help and never whine about anything even when he is ill.  He does all the heavy duty stuff , like mowing the lawn and bring the laundry up and down the basement and carrying all the groceries.

We talk about everything under the sun and moon and have total trust in each other, he is very supportive in any venture or direction I want to take in raising Chloe or my online work. We don’t argue at all, if he doesn’t agree with me, he would let it go at that moment and only chat about it when I’m calm down.  As for work at the store, we are totally in sync when it comes to dealing with customers.  We loved our jobs and our life and every now and then, the spouse would surprise me with flowers, perfumes, handbags and eye lash luminizer, what else can a woman ask for right?

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