My Baby Is In Grade 5 !


Well, I can’t exactly say she is a baby anymore – afterall, she is in Grade 5 and almost 11 years old now.  Yes, this year she is in Grade 5 and she is very excited about it too.  Same teachers from last year, so I’m sure she will do well with the teachers.  She also begin her piano classes the same week she starts school.  I’m glad I’m in town the week she starts school , for next week I have to be in Seattle.

Time has flown !  and we have to say that she is growing up to be a fine young lady.  She is a lil’ sassy, a lil’ bratty and a little naughty at times but hell! she is a whole lot good too.  So weighing the good and the lil’ bad – I say, she is doing pretty good for a 10.5 yrs old.

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