More Gifts From Advertisers


Now that I’m vlogging with Youtube, I get more stuff to try out in collaboration with different advertisers than before.  I still blog but vlogging has been going so well, you cannot imagine how busy I get during the day.  The courier companies knows us well before but now, they think that someone out there must love us a lot since packages comes in for me almost everyday.

Received these in the morning and not only am I paid for trying out these Korean cosmetic and the new winter make up , I also get paid for doing it.  Plus youtube plays pretty well too – I’m pretty stoke to tell you the truth.  Coz’ I didn’t think that as a vlogger, you get so much exposure.  But I have to thank my PR company for all the arrangements that they do for me.

Chloe said we might need a bigger house because 1 room is use for my filming alone.

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