Approaching 50 !


In a few months or so, i will be turning 50 – 5 decades, the real 5 0  !!  wow!  surreal ?  a little but I think this year had been such a productive year for me and a lot of growing done.   You must be wondering about the growing part right?  what is  this about the growing ?  after all, at almost 50 what the hell “growing”  am I talking about ?

When you are approaching 50, you tell yourself, you don’t really want to care a lot about what people think of you but to live life to its fullest and do whatever makes me happy.  So this year, I concentrated on doing what i love most, blogging and vlogging and boy!  was it a great experience being able to network with other vloggers and bloggers.  This year, I concentrated on what’s most important to us, meaning, chloe and the spouse and since we have been investing more on properties and buying and renting, it had kept us busy for the most part.  And I’ve done away with a lot of people around my life.  Being “friendly”  is not enough to be considered a friend no more, I have no time for “friendly”.

I also quickly realized that at almost 50, I didn’t want to waste time on people you don’t care to be with or be friendly to.    And I don’t want to do things that I feel oblige to do or be polite to people I don’t want to be polite to.  I don’t want to go beyond my call of duty to please or be a do gooder ,  I just want to do what makes me truly happy.

As I’m approaching my 50, I couldn’t care less about what others think of me or my blog, I  want to write what i feel or how i feel at that particular moment and not having to worry about the person reading about it might get offended.  Because it ain’t about them, it’s about me and how I feel and the situation I was in at that point of time.  I don’t want to bend over backwards for people who ain’t important in my life or worry about what they would think of me if I didn’t do what is “appropriate”

This year, because of my “growing up”  I’ve traveled a lot more and networked so much with both Google and Youtube that I could never have done before,  had I worried about what people would think of me leaving my daughter with the spouse alone for days.  In other words , when you’ve lived almost 5 decades, what’s most important in life is me, myself and my family, the rest can take their turns when I have the time.  If they don’t like it, it’s not my problem.   What’s is important is getting enough rest and giving enough time for my daughter and spouse and taking care of our health and most importantly not having apologize for being a success in our life, both home and at work.

There’s no pretending here nor am I ashamed to write I have the best spouse and the best kid (in my humble opinion), we have a successful business and we own our own place and a cottage by the beach and many acres of land to develop as well as several houses out for rent.  I can also  afford to up and travel anytime I want and buy anything I want not just need.   We have enough money saved up for Chloe’s college and a little more for her traveling.  If people are offended because of it, so be it.   They are entitled to their opinion and it doesn’t affect us one bit.

When you are almost 50, like yours truly,  you can tell people exactly what you think of them and stop making excuses for their behavior.   When you are almost 50, it’s okay if another do not agree with the way you are bringing up your kid or the way you speak or write, it’s not my problem, if they want to take it whatever way they want.    When you are almost 50 like I, you don’t have to like everyone, and you can ignore your crazy ex – neighbor, crazy church friends as well as your crazy customers.

PS  :  At almost 50, it’s ok not to have to justify what you do online or offline to anyone especially to people who are insignificant in your life.  

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