Christmas Deco Hunting


I don’t know about other folks but in our family, we shop for Christmas decors every year and we keep adding but sometimes we don’t even put them up because it doesn’t go with the theme.  This year , we had to go simple because both PB and I are so busy with both the store and my work online.  But Christmas ain’t Christmas without adding one or two new ornaments or decor at home.

There is a place just a little way out of town that have all these wonderful Christmas decorations and for reason/s that I cannot fathom, we don’t go there often enough.  This year, I had to go there and found quite a few things.  Did I tell you that our Christmas tree at the store is white this year?  this is the first time I have a white tree for Christmas.  In the last 14 years with PB , our Christmas trees has always been green, so this was really a nice change.  Loved the new Christmas tree at the store and love all that we bought.

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