Choice Or Necessity

While many had casually mentioned that I didn’t need to work so hard online anymore , since the spouse’s business is doing so well, I figured I should let everyone know that it is my choice to continue doing what I do and it isn’t a necessity for me to continue working online.   The only reason why I loved doing it , is because I loved writing and vlogging and I loved that I can make money from doing it, plus I get tons of free stuff from advertisers and readers of my vlogs and blogs.

While most people do it for the money, I mostly do it for the love of it and being able to interact with people online.  You do not know how many people who reads and watch my vlogs/blogs, the immense love I get from these online friends is priceless.  Even the postman/woman tells me constantly how much I’m loved because of the many packages that arrives at the store every other day.

So yes, I don’t need the money that comes with what I do online but I do it because I loved it so much.  Both my advertisers and online friends/fans are such wonderful people , I would hate to stop what I’m doing.

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