If I Were A Stay – At – Home Wife


I salute those who made the decision to give up their jobs and stay home to take care of their kids and family because it isn’t an easy decision and that would entail some financial shift in the family.  For those women out there who’ve done that, you are definitely my heroes.

Many think that being a stay at home wife is easy but I can assure you that it isn’t.  Staying home and being isolated most of the time and not having a lot of adult interaction is not a situation that I want to be in.  When Chloe is sick , I have to stay home with her and I tell you , it wasn’t an easy task for me.

If I were a stay at home wife, I figured, I would be a very lonely one, because I don’t drive and need to wait for the spouse to bring me everywhere.  When I was in Asia , we drive on the right hand side of the road and for many years, I’ve been so used to it, I find it pretty difficult to get adjusted to drive on the left hand side.

Of course , I love my child and want to do stuff with her every minute of the day, but unlike Asia, where transport is so easy and so cheap, I can’t just travel and shop on our own or bring her to Sentosa on my own or Universal studio.  There is no Gymboree here, nor are there public swimming pool or indoor gym for kids to be and a cafe inside the gym for parents to interact with each other.

So for those stay at home wives in this town , I really salute them because I really couldn’t do it, not because I don’t love my child and home but because it would drive me nuts, not to have any intelligent conversation or stimulation for the mind.

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