I had just finished changing Chloe’s diaper.. and needed to replenish them onto her changing table. While opening the closet door to get Chloe’s diaper.. Chloe found a 10cents coin .. and picked it up. Afraid that she was gonna put it in her mouth.. i quickly asked her to give it to me.. in … [Read more…]

Timing Is Everything

As a mother of a young child, all mummys have to agree with me.. that timing is everything..! Timing to go take a shower.. to take a pee.. and especially to take a poop… because your young child just would not let you outta his/her sight. Never mind if daddy is around.. she don’t care … [Read more…]

Cousin Linda – Picture Frenzy

This is Linda (she is my spouse’s cousin), she is as picture taking frenzy as I. I didn’t dare take any pictures during the funeral or burial for fear of upsetting someone. But when i saw Linda taking pictures.. i went picture crazy too. Thanks .. Linda..! you made my day..!! A few years ago.. … [Read more…]

Godma Lynn from Toronto

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle recently with the funeral, our workers and hiring new ones .. and of course Chloe’s teething problem… we had almost forgotten .. that Chloe’s godma will be in town for a week from Toronto tomorrow. Chloe haven’t seen her godma since last summer when she was … [Read more…]

Hide & Seek

Robert De Niro & Dakota Fanning, with a combination like these two… how can the movie fail..?? Absolutely in love with Dakota Fanning. What about you..??

Crazy Ang Moh!

I cooked some beef & broccoli and carrots to go with white rice, after we came home from the funeral. Guess what my spouse had for dinner..?? Rice with cheese and hotdogs. Crazy ang moh or what.. ???!!!???

Hot Chick!

My spouse say that his idea of a hot chick is Elisha-Cuthbert (Kim Bauer from 24). Of course i forced it outta him lah..! Who is your spouse’s hot chick..?? Do you know..?? What a nice couple right.. Elisha and my spouse..?? kekekekekkeke!!! Gotta know who your competition is ma..!! no..??

More Relatives

Picture on the left is Real (Renette’s hub- Brother to my MIL) and the picture on the right .. the fella with a tie is Guy (pronounce in frenchie please) is the son of Real & Renette. I like Guy alot.. he delivers our oil for us.. during the winter and his spouse’s name is … [Read more…]


Budd my FIL, all dressed up .. shaved but tired looking after a long day. I love my FIL.. !!! Ooops..!! i think i owe my FIL to Boksy from Frantaglais blah-blah .. coz’ she guessed correctly about the pumpkin thingie that i had in my old blog.

Aunt Renette

Aunt Renette is the host of most of our family gatherings .. like 99%. She is the perfect host..!! always thanking us for coming for the gatherings.. when in fact we should be the one thanking her for having us.. and providing loads and loads of food.. and sweets. She is the most gracious host … [Read more…]

Exchange Student

Today .. we called in an exchange student to come in and work with my spouse in the morning.. to see how he is at work.. and to see if for some very vague hope of mine.. that hiring a asian student would work out better for us.. since in my mentality.. we asians are … [Read more…]

Of Funeral & Wakes

I was brought up discouraged to go to funerals and wakes.. by my mum.. because she fears that we might either get sick.. or the spirit might follow us home. But with Chloe.. i told her yesterday .. to say goodbye to Granduncle Roy.. and that we will see him in heaven. Chloe gave her … [Read more…]