These are Uncle Roy’s sons. Troy, Richard (g/f hiding behind him) and Mario (pronounce in french ok… ) I wished we would have met all of you in a better circumstances. I know that Uncle Roy would have like that we were closer .. and know each other better. Troy, Richard (g/f included) & Mario … [Read more…]

Happy Family

What a lovely & happy family! We have the triplets here with their parents – Scott & Tammy. Scott is Aunt Mariette’s son (you gotta pronounce Mariette in french ok)


The Triplets..!! Ain’t they cute.. or what..!! We have handsome Matthew, pretty and friendly Kaitlin and beautiful but shy Cassidy. Never mind my anal neighbour say i cannot put up pictures of their son and wanna sue me … i still got lots of more beautiful picture of ppl i love to put up…!! Nyeh..! … [Read more…]

Our Family

This is especially for my g/f .. Lara & Mike who is in SF. She wanted to see a recent picture of me. So here it is .. Lara.. 😉 Now where is yours..???

A Gloomy Day

I woke up to a rather gloomy day.. and a heavy heart this morning. Today is the day.. where we will all be attending a funeral.. and burying Roy (my spouse’s godfather/MIL’s youngest brother). His body arrived yesterday.. at the funeral home in Meteghan.. together with his wife , Carmen .. and his 3 sons. … [Read more…]

24 Season 3

We’ve finished watching Season 1, 2 & 4 and was finally able to purchase Season 3 today.. Woohoo..!!! 24hrs worth of movie watching. I love this TV Series..!! Gracie.. yer jealous right.. hehehehe!!

Postage Time

I think it is really fun to be able to give a gift.. to someone.. and make someone happy. And it donch even have to be something expensive.. and i’m very sure.. that my fellow bloggers, Stef from Da*Xiang and Gracie from Bochup’s Blog turn g/fs .. and in the case of Reid from Ono … [Read more…]

Handy Present for Sienna

I donch know if you know it .. but Sienna from Bring Up Baobao etc .. had a broken arm recently. But she was such a brave little girl.. and i wanted to send her something to encourage her .. a little care package. But knowing Sienna .. she prolly have every single thing she … [Read more…]

Our House + Another

Our house is on the right.. and a good neighbour’s house is on the left. Good Neighbour keeps pretty much to themselves.. and we actually already know them before they moved in. They ironically happen to be a business competition.. but a friendly one. We co-exist harmoniously. .. and they do seems like decent ppl. … [Read more…]


This is for Fish Fish from Kuishinbo Meow. She had posted about some cherries a few days ago.. and i had told her that the cherries here in Yarmouth, NS is quite different looking than those she had posted. So .. she had asked if i could show her some of our here. So here … [Read more…]