Big & Bigger BoK Choi

This is me and my spouse…. when we first met in Canada in 2000 December. We had an online relationship for 6 years before i came to visit him during Christmas – 15 December 2000. He flew out to Toronto to meet me. And we stayed at the Hyatt in Toronto before coming home to … [Read more…]


We have a feckless worker who refuses to do some very simple task and conveniently notify us that he didn’t do it a matter of factly. Well .. for someone who cannot even make a few phone calls during his working hours… you can be sure.. he is not getting a pay raise anytime soon. … [Read more…]

Yer a Good Mum… B U T ..

I asked my spouse what kinda mummy am I.. and he said.. yer a good mummy B U T ……… you let Chloe get away with too many things..!!! I donch agree with that.. because i feel that Chloe is still young… and she isn’t like really BAD or anything.. just loves to “kachou” (disturb/donch … [Read more…]

My First Kiss

Chloe just came over to me.. while i was on the floor watching TV .. and plant a kiss on my cheeks.. for no reason watsoever… hehehhe!! wasn’t tat sweet now.. 😉 But she wouldn’t do it again.. no matter how i coaxed her.. 🙁 Oh well.. mummy just have to be patient i guess.. … [Read more…]


I’ve never seen so many cartoons in my entire life….hehe!! till now of course….. and to the extend.. where i know wats next.. coming up.. in terms of the speech.. hahhaha!! The joy of Motherhood..??

Nada to Blog

I have nothing to blog.. i’m blog dead tonite.. heheh!!! everything is going good at the store.. sales is still incredible..and as usual.. will continue till end of Jan 2005. I look forward to going to the store everyday.. and taking a break from my lil’ monster.. and love coming home to her.. 🙂 Life … [Read more…]