Glorious Day

Wat a glorious day..!! the sun is out.. chloe slept till 9.30am.. didn’t wake up the whole nite either.. and she is having a nap now.. been an hour .. since she went to nap.. thus giving time .. for poor mommy to eat and finish washing up.. 🙂 Papa is at work.. but basically … [Read more…]

Before I Was A Mom

Below is not written by me… but it sure says exactly how i feel.. Before I was a Mom – I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was a Mom – I cleaned my house … [Read more…]

Poor Da-da

Chloe did sleep last nite.. from 9pm.. but woke up several times in between .. till about 9.30pm.. she slept right up to 2.30am.. and then didn’t wanna go back to bed.. and as usual.. squirmed.. and farted alot..and cried alot.. 🙁 Her da-da brought her downstairs.. and dozed off snoring till the morning at … [Read more…]

Worst Nite Ever!!

Last nite was the worst nite ever .. with our baby chloe.. 🙁 She puked twice before 1am.. and another time at about 2am.. and she would cry and cry and cry.. and wouldn’t go to bed.. 🙁 It would almost seems like her tummy was sore .. that she cannot sleep on her tummy … [Read more…]


I wished i wasn’t so tired from looking after Chloe.. I love Chloe to death.. but it’s so exhausting.. looking after her 24hrs a day.. plus when she doesn’t wanna sleep at nite.. or wakes up wee hours in the morning.. and refuses to go back to sleep.. and puke a couple of times during … [Read more…]

Wat a Temper!

My baby Chloe has got a bad temper. I was trying to feed her today .. and boy was she upset or mad.. so mad.. that she was clenching her fists and mouth and face. I am hoping she is not gonna turn out to be one of those uncontrollable kid that we have once … [Read more…]

Another Bad Nite

Chloe woke up again.. last nite.. at about 3.30am.. and refuses to go back to bed.. till about 4.45am.. but this time.. i am smart.. i took her outta the room.. so that her da-da can get some rest.. and i can sleep in.. when she wakes up in the morning.. so that worked out … [Read more…]

Bad Nite

Last nite was the worst nite we ever had with Chloe.. she went to bed at about 9pm… but got up at 1am.. and didn’t wanna go back to sleep.. we would rock her.. and she would fall asleep on us.. but as soon as you put her down.. she would wake up again. And … [Read more…]

Another Milestone for Chloe

Chloe grab my hand today and wanted me to help her walk .. wow!! i thought .. and she is only almost 8mths old. It was only a few weeks ago.. she learnt to crawl.. and sit up on her own.. and very quickly she learnt to pull herself up. She is getting into everything … [Read more…]

Sayor Lodeh – Canadian Style

After many months of searching for ingredients and the right amount of everything to put into my Canadian Style – Sayor Lodeh, I finally mastered the art of cooking it right. Tonite.. i had the best ever sayor lodeh with lady’s finger, brinjal, tofu, and chicken in it… something i never thought in my 39yrs, … [Read more…]

First Time

I decided to blog down my thoughts because i am so far away from home.. and sometimes just don’t know who to tell my heartfelt feelings to. Too many things to think about and make out of .. and to plan for .. now that I am a mom and also a spouse to someone. … [Read more…]