Going Green

No .. ! not green with envy.. but certainly .. the saving the earth going green. I think it is everyone’s duty to save the earth, every little bit of thing they do, or purchase one should think if they are environmentally friendly. With buying and supporting eco products , one promotes the need to … [Read more…]


Usually I mind my own business.. when it comes to other bloggers but with the recent sensation of one Malaysia’s Minister caught in the act of indiscretion, i chanced upon a comment left on another blogger’s entry. This was the comment left “The wife is so ugly” Did the blogger who left the comment meant.. … [Read more…]

International Adoptees

Changes will quickly be implemented for those adopting a child, whether in China or anywheres else in the world. After December 22, 2007, foreign-born persons adopted by a Canadian citizen before February 15, 1977 who wish to apply for citizenship must first obtain permanent resident status in Canada and then apply for citizenship. Quite troublesome, … [Read more…]

City Of Events Throughout The Year

Manchester is in UK. When folks talk about Manchester, they only think of football and anything related to Manchester United. But I can assure you that Manchester is more impressive than just the football team. Being the host of the most events throughout the year, is what Manchester is also well-known for. And what’s Manchester … [Read more…]

Two foreign product alerts

“Health Canada issues two foreign product alerts” Those who are taking Xie Gan Wan, Red Yeast Rice, Red Yeast Rice Policosonal Complex and Cholestrix, please stop taking them for Health Canada is warning consumers of serious side effects on this two products. It is say that these products are marketed for treating high cholesterol but … [Read more…]