Another Recall..?

Not again..! “Mattel issues fourth toy recall in six months” 5,500 of Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boats were sold in Canada as part of the Fisher-Price brand. The toy is an orange-and-yellow boat that squirts water, was manufactured in China and sold in the four countries between June and October. So if you’ve bought … [Read more…]

A Closer Look At one of the world’s most influential Man

I’ve always been very keen and alert with anything to do with China. Who wouldn’t be right..?? Afterall, China is one of the most influential countries with a very booming economy. Yet China’s enigmatic president, is almost invisible outside his native land. He is relatively low-key and guarded and not like his predecessors. He doesn’t … [Read more…]

Is Y-Town Gonna be Like Nunavut?

“The Nunavut government is boosting the price of fuel to help prevent the territory from sinking deeper into deficit, Finance Minister David Simailak announced Tuesday.” So are our fuel prices gonna be raised to fund for the new municipality building as well..?? in the future..?? The government is taking back $9million of the $10 million … [Read more…]

Way to Go.. Canadians!! You Get Them..!

“Canadians to sue 5 automakers for discrimination” So it is ok.. for Americans to come to Canada to buy cars.. when their currency is higher.. and buy properties here.. and not the other way around..?? What meaning is that..??!!!?? ‘The dealerships’ uniform denial of sales of new vehicles to Canadian citizens is a blatant pattern … [Read more…]

Dumbledore Is Gay?

Ok.. this is shocking..!! “J.K. Rowling reveals Dumbledore is gay” Yes.. author of the world Harry Porter, revealed that Hogwarts school headmaster Albus Dumbledore was conceived as gay.. !! Oh boy..!! you can see mothers taking Harry Porters away from their children and burning it now.. muahahhaha!! You know .. i have customers who refuses … [Read more…]

Honory Citizen

“Citizenship Week in Canada runs from October 15 to October 21. This is the 60th anniversary of the Citizenship Act.Canada occasionally bestows an honorary Canadian citizenship to foreigners of exceptional merit. It is a symbolic honour and does not give the recipients any rights, privileges or duties typically held by Canadian citizens.As of 2007, Canada … [Read more…]

Loonie nears $1.04US

“The Canadian dollar hit a new 31-year high Friday, closing in on the $1.04 US level, as inflation figures came in higher than expected.” And i’m gonna faint..!! unbelievable..!! here we are making US$ .. and the dollar keeps going down.. in comparison with Canadian dollars..!! Now we donch even dare move our US$ for … [Read more…]

Nova Scotia the costliest province

“On a province-by-province basis, the highest undergraduate charges for tuition only were in Nova Scotia ($5,878), New Brunswick ($5,733) and Ontario ($5,381). The lowest were in Quebec ($2,025) and Newfoundland and Labrador ($2,633).” For those who are not aware of this.. Canadian students going to college gets a government loan for their studies.. before school … [Read more…]

Where’s The Refund

Not every immigrant to Canada is very happy right at this moment. And rightly so they should be. For those who paid $130K to receive contracts with Nova Scotia business and a fast track ticket to Canadian citizenship, not all will be getting a $100K refund from the government. “That’s not fair, said Ali Shirazi, … [Read more…]

International Pedophile Manhunt

“Authorities in Thailand say a suspect who has been sought in an international pedophile manhunt is a Canadian at large in Bangkok. Christopher Paul Neil was apparently working as a teacher in Seoul, South Korea and police believe he fled to Thailand after Interpol recently posted unscrambled pictures of his face. Thailand’s neighbours have put … [Read more…]