Cough & Cold Medication not for young children

Ok.. mummies and daddies, grammies and grampies out there.. listen up..! DO NOT..! give your young children cough and cold medication as the products pose serious health risks.. US Health Officials said. “children under the age of two should not use decongestants and those under age six should not be given antihistamine medicines.” The FDA … [Read more…]

Halo Hype

So what’s all the hype.. you ask me..?? being a store that sells Halo 3 or any new games that the market has to offer…. i really can’t tell. But Halo 3 is the all time money making champion in entertainment history. Up to $170 million.. in entertainment budget in the first 24hrs after release. … [Read more…]

Mattel Apologizes To China

Well.. looks like I’m also at fault for blaming China’s manufacturer for those defective toys. “Mattel apologizes to China over recalls of toys”! Mattel is taking the blame for the flaws in the design and had recalled more toys than justified. The Barbie Doll accessories and toy cars with lead paint and tiny magnets were … [Read more…]