Happy Merdeka Day!

As Malaysians celebrate their country’s Independence Day, let me wish all Malaysian bloggers a Happy Merdeka Day..!! This is their 50th year of independence.. and i’m sure it is no easy feat. I wish for all Malaysian bloggers good food, not so much political drama, good health, and a great economy year ahead.

Check Your Playpen

This is NOT a SPONSORED POST! There are loads of blogging mummies out there.. and some have very young children.. and some are having another coming. The reason why I am concerned is because when Chloe was about 6 months old.. we brought her up to Halifax.. because I needed a check up in IWK … [Read more…]

No to Americanada

We all know that the Canadians protest alot.. ! Not that ppl from other places donch..! but trust me.. the Canadians protest ALOT..!! especially about pay dispute..! Irregardless.. whether you are a nurse .. a doctor.. or even the immigration offices.. yes.. there are days.. where they would not go into work for days before … [Read more…]

Preparing for a Pounding

While we are here preparing for a nice Sunday outing.. Hurricane Dean Roars into Jamaica and the Jamaicans are preparing to get pounded..! I donch know if you are aware of it or not.. but Canadians.. loves to take their holidays in the Caribbean.. and one of the spots they go to.. on a yearly … [Read more…]

Important: Nursing moms & Infants

“Codeine dangerous for some nursing moms, infants: FDA” Mums who are breastfeeding their infants and who are taking codeine.. please watch out for increased sleepiness or other signs of overdose. This is a warning by U.S Federal Health Official. It is rare but serious side effect can caused death of a nursing infant. According to … [Read more…]