A Gift From PB

My skin is really dry during the winter, so when I mentioned to PB that a local salon here carries it, he bought it for me after I had my facial. The body butter is different from the ones that I’ve been using and for the price of this bottle, I’m hoping that it will … [Read more…]

New Hair Color

So I finally found time to go get my hair colored.  When you are 49, all that silvery white hair starts popping out everywhere, so after several attempts to get it done at the hair salon, I found time to really do it. Loved my new hair color, a little bit reddish right now but … [Read more…]

Taking Care Of Myself First

All my years in Canada especially after having Chloe, I’m constantly doing something for her or for the business and our home.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with it but given the recent event with a friend living here for the last 10 yrs and her recent development with her ex, I feel a … [Read more…]

Flabby Arms

 I’ve been trying so hard to get my arms and legs toned up – get some muscles but no matter what I do – my flabby arms is still showing !  So I read some axis-ht reviews  to see if there is anything I can take – to help me with toning up my muscles and … [Read more…]