Birthday Party

Normally, I would never asked PB to drop his work and attend a birthday or gathering of his extended family.  But because of Chloe and because we wanted to show her that she don’t have to worry we might die anytime soon – we brought her to Aunt Guytha’s 100 birthday at her home in … [Read more…]

East Meets West Upbringing Of A Child

I have to constantly remind myself that there is cultural difference between PB’s upbringing and our Chinese upbringing and our values.  Today is Tuesday and Grammie didn’t come to the store like she would – probably because she didn’t have a ride to town.  And since Chloe didn’t go to Grammie’s on Sunday because of … [Read more…]

Chloe’s Concert 2011

Chloe had her concert in the church today and her grammie and grampie came too !  which was a good thing because she wanted so much for them to see her on the stage.  The kids were so cute – I tell yer – they grow so fast. PS :  now if you see your … [Read more…]