Slowly But Surely

Things are coming along at the new store. Half the things are still not moved yet.. but it is coming along.. slowly but surely.. 🙂 I have a good feeling for this place.. and i feel we will do better up at Main Street .. instead of down the road.. at a corner. So await … [Read more…]

Hard Work

Poor Papa BoK hard at work again.. !! Woke up early today.. and already at work..whne the store was open.. to do loads of calls.. and to get the new place set up..! Poor Papa BoK .. i wished i could help more.. but with a toddler on hand..and today being Halloween and all.. not … [Read more…]

Poor Papa BoK

Poor Papa BoK did most of the moving and packing and unpacking of the heavy stuff on his own. And after everyone gone home..he still went to the new store to do more work. Those who came to help was great..! and those who said.. they would come. .and didn’t turn up.. had to cheek … [Read more…]

Moving Slowly

We got the keys to the new store 2 days ago .. and Papa BoK started moving some stuff since yesterday.. with a friend JR .. ! I am grateful to friends like JR .. who is always there to give us a lending hand. Today JR was in after work.. and helped more .. … [Read more…]

Sunday Work

Yes.. we have to work on Sunday.. because one of our worker took time off to go to Boston to see a ball game. And the morning girl already worked yesterday.. so it wouldn’t be so nice.. to ask her to work on sunday too right..?? 2 p/timers .. who cannot be left on their … [Read more…]


Yes.. we are officially moving everyone!! to Main Street..! we got the new lease.. and named our conditions.. and got ahold of our present landlord.. and gave him our moving out notice already. Yes.. i will miss the big space we have in our present store.. but having visibility .. and the traffic is more … [Read more…]

The Noisy

My worker told me today . that whenever .. she tells ppl that she works for us.. ppl would always say.. “you work for the chinese lady who talks alot..??” hahahha!! And sometimes customer/ppl would ask.. “does your boss (my spouse) ever talks…??” in which she would reply.. not as much as Big BoK..! hahahhah!! … [Read more…]


My hiatus reason is due to the fact that after telling my worker on one Sunday and spending an hour with him teaching him what we thought were obvious mistakes not to be made EVER again, the same worker just “apa tidak” and would have made the same obvious mistake that we are trying so … [Read more…]


Yes.. we have been busy.. with running around trying to decide if we should move our business to a busier street .. and forgo . .the huge space we have or wait for another opportunity to come along. Busy with our workers.. ! Busy with the babysitter. Busy dealing with my CS neighbour.. who came … [Read more…]