Hey..everyone, I am going on a short hiatus due to the business. I am continuously bogged down by our worker’s problems, be it sick leave or other silly reasons. I’ve been very tired.. and easily irritated.. and irrational with my spouse at times. So i’m taking a short break.. to re-focus on our goals.. and … [Read more…]

More Fun Stuff..!

Our morning worker called this evening to let us know that she is still sick and will not be able to come to work. Called another worker to see if he can stand in, but he can’t .. he got plans already. One we didn’t wanna call even if she can work.. coz’ she was … [Read more…]

Ppl are Stupid!

For those who claims that this job is difficult .. and it’s the little things that they cannot remember.. they are just STUPID..! that’s my conclusion. Working at our store.. is the easiest things… just some common sense and work.. meaning .. spend some time cleaning.. and re-arranging inventory. Meaning, do not rent anything to … [Read more…]

I want, I want

I realised that all our workers that we’ve hired .. only knows ..in their mind.. “I want, I want” and if things do not go their way.. then it is ok.. for them to say .. they are not coming to work.. even though they have already agreed the day before .. to work the … [Read more…]

Long Hours

One of our worker was sick yesterday. She called us up at 9am in the morning, when her shift only starts at 5pm to inform us that she was sick and can’t come to work. Although i appreciate the enthusiasm, I do not appreciate that she woke my brat up at 9am when she had … [Read more…]


It had been a busy two days for us at the store and alot of running around and making sure that we have enough workers to work tomorrow for we are off to a wedding. My spouse is the official photographer. With the freaky incident that happen 2 days ago.. we were kinda taken aback … [Read more…]