Tax Hike

The town just announced that there will be a tax hike this year for business owners .. as well as residential owners. Already everyone is tightening their belts because the Scotia Prince no longer run the route from Maine, Bar Habour to Yarmouth, NS .. and they wanna hike the taxes..!! i’m sure not a … [Read more…]

Moronic Conversation

I swear ppl come up with new ways everyday .. to be stupid or dumb. This took place yesterday evening at our store. Customer came in the store to rent DVDs movie .. 2 in fact. This is the conversation we had. Customer : How much is it for renting DVDs now..?? (Sure sign that … [Read more…]

Nice Customer

This is Shane, a very long time customer of ours. We’ve always like Shane .. coz’ he is funny and very easy-going. He looked scruffy today.. but he usually looks alot better than this, prolly tired from looking after his new born baby.