Moonlight Resonance Episode 38 – So Sad..!! What Happened To Mah Mah..!!!

BWWWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! what happened to mah mah..!!!! aiyoh..!! too sad lah..!! i wanna cry.. big time lah..!!! how can lah.. Ah Hong do that to mah-mah..!! how can Kun Ka Kid marry Yu So Chow???!!!?? Anyways.. Moonlight Resonance Episode 38 only the Mandarin Version is out.. but for people like me hor.. we cannot wait right.. … [Read more…]

Moonlight Resonance Episode 35 Was Heart Stopping

Just finished watching Moonlight Resonance Episode 35 and it must be one of the best episode. Sha Yee turned into a totally different person.. and it was definitely heart stopping episode for me. You excited now..?? Well.. what are you waiting for dudes..!!! Go to my entertainment blog for the link. It is darn awesome … [Read more…]