Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Tomorrow, my home country celebrates its 45th birthday – it’s easy to remember because that was the year i was born. And while my home country flourishes every year and become better and bigger and more famous – i ended up in a small town in Canada. Singapore has changed so much since i left … [Read more…]

The Wedding

So PB’s first cousin got married a few days ago. When i first met them.. they were still kids in school. But i’ll have to say .. the twins are awesome kids.. and grew up to be awesome adults. I bet her parents are proud of her.. and when the pastor asked “who gives her … [Read more…]

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time.. i would never think of eating leftovers.. because my mother didn’t encouraged it.. when we were young. She said.. it gave us wind in the tummy.. thus making us sick. Well.. we also didn’t have a microwave then.. when we were young. But these days.. i would meticulously picked out all … [Read more…]