Cadillac Pt 2

A month ago I wrote about how the Cadillac reminds me of my grampie’s car and I remembered how much he used to praise his Caddy and boast that it was the most reliable car he ever owned. And since I’ve got to get a 2nd car because the kid is in school now and … [Read more…]

Right Dealer For Right Car

I’ve always believed that the person who sells us anything, the sales rep and the company combined, plays a very important part in what we are buying or whether the deal will be sealed. Be it a piece of cake or piece of furniture, or of course your car, you want to know that they … [Read more…]

Changing Cars

Changing cars every other year is quite the norm in this part of the world. Even my babysitter has her own car.. it was a hands me down.. but it’s great that she is able to drive around on her own.. and used the car to go to school. Lucky for her .. she doesn’t … [Read more…]

Auto Recycling

My brother-in-law, Richard would be really pleased to know that there is a used auto parts online place for him to purchase his auto parts. Knowing he loves fixing up his cars, trucks and whatever else that moves, midwest auto recycling may just be the place he can find the parts he needed for some … [Read more…]

Toyota Radiator

I don’t know about other woman out there but I’m always afraid when my car breaks down no matter what is wrong with it. The anticipation of paying premium dollars and at the mercy of the garage can be very stressful. Plus finding the right parts is also important for me, like the time i … [Read more…]

Trucking Grampie

For those who knows my father-in-law .. you know how much he loves gardening and trucking. Yes.. he is very good with his hands.. just like my brother-in-law .. Richard. You should see the chrome door handles he has on one of his trucks. I hear it is very durable and there was no hassle … [Read more…]