She Confuses Me

Yes! this is exactly the state I am in with Chloe’s teacher – she does confused me.  Why?  well, the other day, I had sent a message with the TA – to ask her to speak with Chloe about another student who might be accidentally hitting Chloe during line up if he was not careful.  … [Read more…]

Quick Solution

My heel hurt for a few days now  – and being diabetic – I’m a bit worried about it but I decided to try what I tried last year by buying a more supportive foot liner.  But after a few days – these gel heels didn’t really worked for me, so I guess I have … [Read more…]


P.U. – what does it mean? I’ve never heard of P.U. till chloe started school and each time her school friends or camp friends say that the food she eats is P.U. – she becomes so embarrassed and stopped eating immediately. So each time she comes home with all her lunch intact – I know … [Read more…]