We had to send Chloe’s lunch to school at 10.30am on Friday.. because we didn’t have it cooked the nite before. We had forgotten to cook the rice .. and fridge it .. so had to wait another nite. The school is really good in this way.. whereby .. we can send food or anything … [Read more…]

Chloe My Sensible Kid

Chloe’s school friend is also a customer at our store.. and they come often to rent games for her brother. As usual.. chloe would wanna play catch with her friend. On last Friday, when her school friend was in, she was holding a bag of chips .. and since they wanted to run around the … [Read more…]

Birthday Party From School Friend

Sorry, i didn’t have any pictures of Chloe’s first Halloween invite . .big mistake .. i tell yer.. that i didn’t go..! but never mind.. i bring you her first birthday party from her school friend, Donavan. Just hop over to her blog : and check out all the fun photos of the birthday.

It’s Another Friday

Yes..! it’s another Friday.. and here we have Chloe getting ready for school in the morning. As usual.. she is good… a wee bit fussy.. but not a pain. She does like school a lot afterall and if you are wondering about her evaluation in school, they didn’t set up a meeting .. till PB … [Read more…]

Writing Exercises

These days.. Chloe have to do homework, like writing and recognizing words. I had always thought or made to think that “primary” was kindergarten but I was wrong. Apparently, here in Canada.. or in my daughter’s school.. they expect them to know stuff already. I don’t remember doing this already .. so I am now … [Read more…]

My Joy More Than Hers

Chloe loves to see me pick her up from school. According to PB .. she never do this.. when PB goes alone to school and pick her up. But to watch her.. running towards me .. so happily and her face lighting up.. gives one such a wonderful feeling. Any parent would be delighted .. … [Read more…]


This is our first time raising money for Chloe’s school. It was called a School-A-Thon.. and it’s for refilling the recess buckets.. and to bring in speakers.. and other little stuff for the school. They had encouraged that every student try to raise at least $10 each … so we put Chloe on a mission. … [Read more…]

ABC In French

In about a month since Chloe started school, she is able to sing her ABCs in French. By my standard.. i think that’s pretty good for a kid who is less than 5 years old.. donch you think..?? My brat is an awfully happy kid.. and i just hope some teachers ain’t being overly enthusiastic.. … [Read more…]

I Love School, Mama !

That was what Chloe said to me.. tonite before she went to bed. I was most certainly pleased with that statement.. because there was no prompting from my part. An update on what Mrs Fuller the Resource, Reading Recovery & 6P Sci/Hlth teacher said.. was that there were certain instructions that Chloe didn’t understand.. like … [Read more…]