Another School Day

Chloe is pretty much settled into her school routine.. and enjoys waking up every morning to go to school now. This was taken this morning.. but with me.. being very heavy heart. We were told some time during the school and meet a few weeks ago.. that Chloe will be joining a special class to … [Read more…]

4th Week In School

This was taken this morning.. while the brat was getting ready school. This week.. she was perfect.. except for a waking up at 5am.. two days ago. No crying.. and not s much of “missing us” and not wanting to go to school. This week.. she played a lot at the playground.. and planning for … [Read more…]

Chloe Was Ill

Chloe had been sick for 2 days now.. but today she started feeling better. I’ll have to say that I raised a really thoughtful kid.. because she said to PB and I.. that she didn’t wanna kiss us.. because she didn’t wanna get us sick.. the first day .. when she had a fever. And … [Read more…]