Making Learning Fun: Top Educational Toys for Kids

Many of us remember when educational toddler toys began and ended at alphabet blocks and pull-string toys that emitted animal sounds. These days, however, the emphasis on encouraging your children to use their minds from an early age means that the field of educational toys has exploded. There are some wonderful toys out there created … [Read more…]


P.U. – what does it mean? I’ve never heard of P.U. till chloe started school and each time her school friends or camp friends say that the food she eats is P.U. – she becomes so embarrassed and stopped eating immediately. So each time she comes home with all her lunch intact – I know … [Read more…]

Paranoia Or Being Smart

So before the school year started for Chloe this year, I ordered some labels from Mabel labels for Chloe`s stuff for school. Now this decision was made because of a stolen hat from Chloe before school ended earlier this year – and yes it was in school. That made me a little paranoid and at … [Read more…]

Weekend Shopping

We are heading to the city this weekend and I can’t wait – it’s long overdue – and we should have gone to the city in April for my birthday. Unfortunately, because of my dentist (filling caused me so much pain) – we didn’t go at all. I’m going to be having a shopping spree … [Read more…]