First Day In Grade One

So we survived the first day back at school yesterday – in fact even better than I thought. This morning – Chloe said she didn’t want to bring her teddy to school no more – and no more sippy cups too. Woohoo!!! my girl is growing up eh? All the fuss about the sippy cup … [Read more…]

School Starts

School starts in a few days – and even though we had gotten Chloe’s stationary and shoes a month ago – we haven’t gotten down to putting her names and initial down. So today – being Sunday – we decided it was time to do it – we are procrastinators as you can see – … [Read more…]

Pencil Holding

And here we go again … ! *sigh* .. same old .. same old .. with chloe’s new but old school. I think they need help to weigh the more important things that they need to concentrate on. I know where they are coming from – and I know Chloe does have an odd way … [Read more…]

Speech Therapy

So we were at school early today and I chatted with Chloe’s home room teacher about how she was coping in school. She said Chloe was doing well – but there were some words that Chloe don’t seems to be able to pronounce and recommended that we let Chloe see a speech therapist in the … [Read more…]