Back To School

So after a week of being sick .. she is finally back to school again. This week, we didn’t have any problems.. *fingers crossed*. In fact, this evening when she came home, she said she didn’t need to bring my photo to school anymore.. because she can use her imagination .. and her memory .. … [Read more…]

School Photos

So we were told that Chloe had to have her school pictures taken today.. and of course, she had to dress up right..?? and Chloe had no trouble choosing her dress for her school pictures.. because her Auntie Kai Mah had sent many clothes to her. She chose this one immediately.. and we felt that … [Read more…]

Smart Cookie

Today is the 3rd day of school and Chloe went into class on her own.. there wasn’t much fuss like the 2nd day. She was quite brave.. and waved her hands for a long time.. but she did go into class on her own. But like every mom, i’m still a wee bit worried.. and … [Read more…]

My Mother’s Day Gift

My very first hand made Mother’s Day gift .. from Chloe made from school. And yer know what.. that girl can keep a secret..!!! muahahahha!!! i didn’t get to see this till Sunday.. on Mother’s day.. so cute right.. ?? on the back of the handprint.. it said.. something about remembering .. how small her … [Read more…]

My Tummy Hurts !

This morning .. Chloe decided to have a tummy ache. She said her tummy hurts so much.. she didn’t wanna go to school. Further probing .. we learned that she knew her “boxing friend” was gonna be in school today, so that was the reason why she didn’t wanna go to school. I explained to … [Read more…]