You Want Yogurt..?

It was after dinner .. and i was in the kitchen getting something for Chloe.. since she didn’t wanna eat the peaches.. that i had bought specially for her. She tried it . .and spit it out. Yup..! very fussy eater..!! that girl..!!! Anyhow.. i was in the kitchen. .and asked her.. “You want yogurt … [Read more…]

Motor Skills

Up to a few months ago, my Chloe had never used a real scissors to cut anything before. She did use those craft scissors .. but not the real/sharp ones and because we are always busy at the store and can’t watch her like a hawk if she uses the scissors on her own, we … [Read more…]

Friday @ School

Well.. Thursday came and went.. and we are at Friday today. Chloe’s form teacher was sick since yesterday.. and it got me more worried today.. because I was afraid that the relieve teacher didn’t know what was going on. And fearing that Chloe might stumble again.. I decided to quickly ask the relieve teacher if … [Read more…]

It Breaks My Heart

It breaks my heart to see that after so many hours .. her eyes still looked so swollen.. from her crying this morning.. and more crying from yesterday.. because she didn’t wanna go to school. We still cannot figure out why.. and i really hope this doesn’t continue.. else i will either have to quit … [Read more…]

I Don’t Wanna Go To School..!!! Part 2

Well.. we had another meltdown yesterday at school.. where the Principal had to call us into the school.. because Chloe was crying so bad.. she was turning hysterical. But from the time we hung up the phone.. till we arrived at school.. they had managed to calm her down again. And according to her teacher, … [Read more…]