Wedding Flowers

Weddings are expensive to plan but whose wedding have you attended that doesn’t have flowers. Yes .. flowers are essential.. but you really need to stretch that budget of yours.. and not overspend.. because there are just too many thing to take care of too. Buying bulk flowers may just be the answer to the … [Read more…]

Plush Robes

Having worked in the hotel industry in Asia for about 15 yrs, I’ve often wondered why our guests in the hotel would asked to buy the bathrobes that we had in each room. You see when one is in Asia, we never really needed one.. because it is way too hot in Asia. If you … [Read more…]

Diver’s Watch

Looking for a present for my ex-brother-in-law, James is not easy .. but since he is a scuba diver, a Technomarine watch is the best thing i can get for him. I bet he is going to find it both useful and would appreciate it. Men are hard to get gifts for and since the … [Read more…]

Outdoor Wear

Ever since coming to Canada and having different seasons every few months, one learn to dress up accordingly. In most part of Canada.. the summers are usually very warm but not in this town because we are very near the sea and everywhere you turn, the windchill isn’t that fun at all. Volcom clothing is … [Read more…]

SpyWare Attack

Owning a computer store by association, you don’t know how many customer would come in our store to have their computer repair because it is loaded with spyware. Some don’t even know how they would have gotten spyware on their computer. We do recommend popup blocker to these customer, that way they would never have … [Read more…]

Truck Accessories

The men here are very much into their trucks and their accessories. You should see how much they spend on showing off their trucks. No.. i don’t think it is a bad thing.. for it really isn’t a unhealthy habit.. to keep improving on their pride and joy. The funny thing is .. back home … [Read more…]