Pearl For Brides

I was told to hunt for a pearl necklace for the to-be-bride, in the family because the groom’s mother wants the bride to look elegant and poise. But since the bride was pretty young of age, she may not know what to choose. I like the fresh water pearls myself, and was very tempted to … [Read more…]

Unique Jewelry

Nobody likes receiving jewelry that are made for just about everybody. When I buy a piece of jewelry, I like to buy those that are designer inspired jewelry, not because i am fussy but because I have taste. Taste of course is subjective.. but I do pride myself .. for having a good sense of … [Read more…]

Ship Rush & Fedex

Christmas shopping is very stressful..! It almost seems like there are a thousand of things you need to buy .. and sometimes.. you feel as if you haven’t bought enough . . and you keep going back again to the store.. to find just another gift for the girlfriend, or your sister-in-law .. or the … [Read more…]

Wedding Favors

Having been to many weddings.. and helping out in at least a dozen, we all know how much effort and stress it can be, just to plan everything out and making sure that everything is almost perfect .. on that special day. And you and I know .. that planning for a wedding cannot be … [Read more…]

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just round the corner and I haven’t even started on my shopping. I told my spouse how much I hate Christmas .. because we just don’t have the time to go shopping for good stuff.. for our friends and family. Well of course the man has got some bright ideas! He said to … [Read more…]


I’m a person who needs backups.. be it a back up plan, back up food, back up clothings. Well.. you get the drift… right..?? These days, of course one has to have back up batteries for just about everything and anything.. from laptop, to your cell phone and of course your cameras. Good and cheap … [Read more…]

Frosty Ferns

I think alot of folks .. are almost done decorating.. and shopping for Christmas.. but as usual.. and as you can see.. we are terrible.. when it comes to the festive season. As much as i hate decorating.. you know that we can’t escape from it at all. And the worst part is.. we have … [Read more…]