Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

This weekend is Grandparents’ Day – although some may argue that it’s a way commercial business make you buy more gifts and spend money – I think it is important to acknowledge Grandparents who played a very important part in your child’s life. After all, Grandparents are the next closest relative besides the parents right? … [Read more…]

Grampie On Slides

Remember the mini graduation Chloe had earlier this month in the “Ready, Set, Go” program..?? by Parents Place. Yes.. that’s the one. Well. .grammie and grampie did come for the graduation albeit late.. thus missing the graduation.. muahahhaha!!! I know grammie was mad with grampie. .muahahahah!!! But at least Grampie came out from the truck … [Read more…]

Having Fun With Grammie

Having fun with Grammie is what the lil’ brat does best on Sundays. She would asked.. is it Sunday today..?? and when we say it is… her reply..?? “Are we going to Grammie’s house today..??” Yes.. she had been quite attached to Grammie since young.. but i also noticed a change recently.. and that is … [Read more…]

I Got Candies !

Grammie came to visit this week.. and got keegan to bring the brat to Toots for a treat.. while keegan wanted some drinks. Of course, given a choice.. the brat would just choose any kind of treat. .and she chose this one.. and of course given a choice.. she would wanna eat all. But nope.. … [Read more…]