A Treat For Me

My father in law came on MSN to chat with me last nite.. and told me.. that he had a treat for me. Guess what it is..?? Yes.. !! lobsters..! since it was the end of the season.. therefore he bought some.. at $5 a pound.. not bad considering the supermarket sells them for more.. … [Read more…]

First Spring Flowers

It’s truly wonderful to see some tulips already growing at my in-laws garden today. The weather isn’t too kind to us every year.. and see the flowers blooming makes one’s heart happy. When they are fully bloomed .. they get really colorful. Unfortunately, I donch have a green thumb.

Stars On Ice

The mother-in-law is going to watch Stars-on-Ice live in Halifax this week. I think she is going with her line-dancing friends. I hear there are 6 going. .and they are staying at the Marriott. I wished i could go to.. but work and of course the brat does not permit me to. Well.. at least … [Read more…]

Birthday Pie

While others have birthday cakes for their birthday.. my mother-in-law baked me a coconut cream pie instead, plus got candles some more ok..! They even sang me a birthday song. My birthday.. was like a week ago.. but they still remembered.. and did something special for me. Thank you .. Mum..! yer the best..!

Forget Me Not

We didn’t go visit my in-laws the week on my birthday.. because not only was PB sick.. so was i. Well.. guess what my in-laws didn’t forget my birthday..and i was taken by surprised.. when i had a coconut pie .. and candles.. to blow out yesterday.. when we visited. And i thought they had … [Read more…]