Perfect Lunch

Nothing makes me happier than eating greens. I think i must have been reincarnated from a cow in my previous life. This was what we had at my MIL’s house during her birthday. We had roasted chicken, some baked ham, fruit salad with raspberry vinegrate, mashed potatoes.. and i thought it was an awesome meal. … [Read more…]

Grammie’s Cake

It’s PB’s tradition to get a birthday cake for Grammie every year irregardless whether he is busy at work or not. This year was a no brainer too… but we did get a gift or two from Chloe to her Grammie. One was a sobey’s giftcard for grammie to get candies that she liked… and … [Read more…]


The “ang mohs” hor.. loves to work with their hands. They can really do stuff. My father in law and brother in law Richard hired a wood mizer .. for $35.00 an hour to make their own lumber.. from the trees in the woods that my father in law owns. I donch know if it … [Read more…]