Heading Out To See Grampie

Chloe hasn’t seen Grampie for about 2 weeks now.. so even though we have loads to do.. shopping.. and cleaning the house.. and setting up Christmas stuff.. we are gonna head out and visit Grampie.. so that the brat can go have some bonding time with him. Grammie comes babysit on Tuesdays.. so no matter … [Read more…]

Grammie By Chloe

This masterpiece of Grammie was taken by none other than my almost 4yrs old brat.. and i’ll have to say.. this is one of the best pictures of Grammie ever taken. Firstly, Grammie doesn’t like her photo taken.. so this is pretty exclusive to all the bloggers who visits my blog. Quick.. quick take a … [Read more…]

Pumpkin Party

Pumpkins for sale at the in-laws and this year.. i know my FIL is extremely proud of his pumpkins as compared to last year. This year harvest was way better than they did last year. And thank God for it.

Made From Scratch

As promised this is the coconut pie .. my MIL baked on Thanksgiving. Pretty eh.?? No she didn’t use a torch.. to make the top look this way.. she put it in the oven.. to brown it. This coconut cream pie was made from scratch.

Lighted Pumpkin

Lighted pumpkin carved by Grampie for the lil’ brat. And of course dear Uncle Richard helped with the lights .. and wanted to give the pumpkin a blue look.. hhahahaa!! Surprisingly, Chloe seems to know exactly what Uncle Richard’s role is… and is pretty much attached to him.