Yes.. really Eeeeeewwwwkkk..!! it’s raining again..!! not the heavy kinda rain.. but really gloomy out here… and i here i was thinking with going to specially bring Grammie out here for babysitting.. because the brat misses her grammie so much.. they can go to the swing or play outside.. and then of course.. the weather … [Read more…]

Flea Market

We did the flea market first Sunday today… after not doing it for years now. There weren’t much ppl who went to the flea market. But the weather was really good.. and the brat had a great time.. running around in the big field. Of course . .it’s because Keegan was around. .and she played … [Read more…]

PB Furious

Wow..!! i’ve never seen PB so furious. .and passionate about anything .. especially when it doesn’t concern him at all. This evening at about 7.41pm.. he was at work.. and I was home with the brat… and he wrote.. “jesus christ wtf is wrong with some people.. a customer just whacked her kid in the … [Read more…]

Awesome Weather

Awesome weather today..!! I’m not cold at all..!! and chloe didn’t have to wear a sweater. It was given as high as 19 degree today.. and i’ve just sent Chloe out to the park with Keegan. Not much wind either.. which makes it a perfect day for the park. I hope the weather holds.. coz’ … [Read more…]