What I Hate Most..!

Donch you just hate it.. when ppl come into your store.. and asked you for technical support.. and refuses to bring their computer in.. for you to check it out..just because they are worried.. they need to pay you. One also get angrier.. when they didn’t even buy the computer from you .. and expects … [Read more…]


Sinful..!! Very sinful indulgence..!! I’ve always allowed myself some really rich drink.. during the summer.. coz’ the sinful chocolate ice caps at Tim Hortons is not all year round. Well.. even if it was.. i wouldn’t drink it during the winter right..?? Donch get me wrong.. i ain’t afraid of the calories.. i’m just diabetic..!

Freaky Weather in May

Yup..! you guess right..!! if you have just seen my banner being changed again.. it has been raining since last nite.. and i can hear some thunder as well..! *Sigh*!! just when you think the weather is changing warmer soon.. then “bam” .. the rain comes.. and the dreary sky.. and the works.. of course. … [Read more…]

More Chinese

As promised.. this was the second thing i ordered from our dear Mr Choo .. from the new Chinese Restaurant..! It’s a combo #1 .. and it was pretty good.. 😉 the rice and the chicken balls.. were good.. because the rice wasn’t greasy.. and the chicken balls.. had real chicken in it.. not like … [Read more…]

What Modesty..??

As you all know lah..! i’ve been ordering chinese.. quite a few times now.. since.. the new chinese restaurant opened. And each time.. if i wanted something special.. i make it a point… to call the boss myself… Mr Choo. But i got very tulan-ed.. the second time i ordered food from Mr Choo… because … [Read more…]