Car Hire

Going for a vacation or a work trip to another province is what my daughter’s Godma do all the time. She works for a big food company in Canada. By using Car Hire, she gets to compare the best price where she can hire a car at reasonable rate. But you don’t have to be … [Read more…]

Paris! Paris!

Paris is the most romantic place one can go for a vacation. Anyone who talks about Paris thinks about the Eiffel Tower but they are right if you do go to Paris, you have to tour the Eiffel Tower not only the morning but once at night too. The spectacular view is not only breath-taking … [Read more…]

Special Wedding

An awesome place to have a wedding, a honeymoon and even a wedding anniversary for a vow renewal with your loved ones. I would definitely be one happy bride, if you see how lovely the scenery is and all the amenities that comes with St Thomas Villas . The view is not only breathtaking, it … [Read more…]

Pete’s Frootique

This was up in Halifax. Pete’s Frootique is your friendly British Butcher in Canada. We donch have anything .. so stylo-malo like these in Y-Town. Although common in Asia.. and more stylish.. in Y-town.. you wouldn’t see anything like that. Afterall, blinking lights on your store front was forbidden till only recently. Yes.. once again.. … [Read more…]

DownTown Halifax

Just thought I would try and show everyone .. how downtown, Halifax looked like. So that everyone wouldn’t think the town i am in . .is the same as the city. Halifax is the city. . and Yarmouth is not. It is not vibrant.. nor does it have anything spectacular to show. Unlike a 4 … [Read more…]