Heading To The City

We are heading to Halifax today. . and won’t be back till late Monday nite or may even be Tuesday .. depending on how much we can get done this trip. Mainly it is for my immigration stuff. So there will be no updating.. or minimal.. for the next few days. Take care.. and donch … [Read more…]


While back home cruises are really popular amongst the Asian, it is not as much here. Parents bring their kids to Florida and DisneyLand instead ..but as the kids get older, just like a customer/friend of ours, she is planning for a carnival cruises next year. How i envy her..!! i want to be her … [Read more…]

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are pretty popular where i come from. Folks on business and vacation, chooses boutique hotels to stay in .. because the personalized service you get from these boutique hotels as compared to the ones that has got 1000s of rooms. Most boutique hotels have a team of trained professionals just like any hotel … [Read more…]

A Romantic Valentine

Too early you think to plan for a Valentine Getaway..?? I think not.. because of our busy schedule, if i didn’t do it right now, I’ll bet .. i’ll missed it.. and finally gave up. .and not do anything special for Valentine. In any relationship, after a certain period of time, it gets kinda monotonous.. … [Read more…]