Dubai Apartments

When folks talk about Dubai .. the think about the sand dunes and the desert. Yes.. some ppl still think that Dubai is all about the unpopulated.. and associate them with sandstorms. But truth be told, Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. The Dubai today is flashy, fun and slightly surreal. Known … [Read more…]

My Zen Experience

My hotel trainer from many years ago had taught me.. to always focus on the good points first.. when dealing with employees, and then the bad. And for the longest time.. i’ve tried to be diplomatic about it.. even when dealing with the folks here. As you can see, I donch have much luck practicing … [Read more…]

Checking Out Hotel

We arrived at about 7pm at the hotel .. and of course the first thing the brat did was to check the hotel out. I tried to buy this snowman.. unfortunately, there was none in sight.. anywheres.. in the city. What a real bummer..!! I bet it would have looked pretty good on our display … [Read more…]