Weather Still Good

I checked the weather.. and it’s still going good..!! woohoo..!!! that only means one thing eh..?? going to the CITY..!! WOOHOO..!! DHAMRA SUSHI and DIM SUM here i come..!! This is our first mini vacation.. after so many years. And no worries.. about the store.. and staffing..! No morning employee..?? no worries.. we still survived.. … [Read more…]

Surfers Paradise

When one tell people that you are going to Australia for a vacation, people just naturally assumes that you are going to Sydney and Gold Coast is flooded with tourist. Hotels in Gold Coast are sure having one of the highest occupancy, for every asian that I know, flock over there for all their sports … [Read more…]

City Of Events Throughout The Year

Manchester is in UK. When folks talk about Manchester, they only think of football and anything related to Manchester United. But I can assure you that Manchester is more impressive than just the football team. Being the host of the most events throughout the year, is what Manchester is also well-known for. And what’s Manchester … [Read more…]

Cozy & Affordable

Taking vacations need not be expensive and one need not stay in 5 star hotels. I say this because Bed and Breakfast are not only popular in the Western part but they are so much more affordable and personable. The Asian hospitality is not seen in big hotels here in the United States and Canada … [Read more…]

Paris City Breaks

A girlfriend who was recently married .. this year.. just came home from her honeymoon to Paris. Flying from Detroit into Paris, well actually she flew from Richmond to Detroit – a 90mins flight and then from Detroit to Paris. Taking one of those Paris City Breaks, Paris is undeniably the most beautiful and dynamic … [Read more…]

Big Ben Here We Come

The Big Ben is one of London’s best-known landmarks, and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. You even know when parliament is in session, because a light shines above the clock face. London is one of the most historical places that I’ve been to. It’s abit of the old mixes … [Read more…]