Hurricane Earl Coming

Every year we are hit by some kind of hurricane – and for the last few days – warnings had been going on non-stop warning on the radio. So everyone here is speculating if it will hit us. At the morning’s forecast from the Canadian Hurricane Center – it is said to be Cat 3 … [Read more…]

Then & Now

It was a chilly day today.. and it almost seems like winter is heading our way.. even though it is only September. Sometimes it seems like we don’t even get advance notice that winter is on it’s way! It is not like Old Man Winter passes out business cards! We were out in the mall … [Read more…]

Crazy Weather

I said many times.. and i’m saying it again — had i known that the weather here is so erratic .. i would never have come here at all. Yesterday we had freezing rain.. and today .. it was gusting winds.. up to 100km/hr .. and wind warnings. If you don’t know by now.. the … [Read more…]


A storm is heading towards the Maritime.. and i know that many parts of Canada.. is already experiencing it as I type. I wished that everyone stay safe .. and even though we are open today for business, we still headed out to stock up .. in case we get snow in. Water, can food.. … [Read more…]