Happy Spring Day

Do you know who is the happiest when the weather turns good..?? Not only me.. of course..! in fact the brat was so happy yesterday.. guess what she said to us outta the blue moon.. and then continued to grammie and grampie.. and then the neighbours. She said to everyone .. “Happy Spring Day..!” “Happy … [Read more…]

The Difference

The difference between staying in Canada.. and Asia.. is the weather. Getting stuck in the house .. the whole day.. because of the cold weather.. can drive one really crazy. This is the reason why.. i try my best to bring the brat to the store for a couple of hours.. if it isn’t that … [Read more…]

-22 Windchill

A few days ago .. it was snowing hard since midnite… And it was – 22 degree celcius then, but guess what..?? the school was opened..!!! yup..!! crazy schools in the county.. only closes.. when it doesn’t snow.. and when.. it’s blowing like crazy.. and the schools are up and running. How crazy is that..! … [Read more…]

Keegan Is Sick

Keegan is sick again.. so poor chloe will not have a babysitter for a few days again. A week ago, she came down with a flu.. i guess it had to do with the current weather. I hope she doesn’t pass anything to her mom.. because she is going into surgery this week. Speedy recovery … [Read more…]

Almost Spring Weather

Yes.. it was almost spring weather today.. and a good thing too.. because this darn furnace.. didn’t wanna work properly.. and it’s a good thing that we have 3 extra heaters.. running on electricity.. in case something like that happened again .. in the store. With the almost spring weather like today.. we didn’t feel … [Read more…]

Snowed All Day

What a terrible day today is..! so cold.. and snowing out all day. Weather forecast had said it was -5 .. but it sure feels like – 15..!! yup.. below freezing points folks..!! think you will like it..?? not me.. thank you very much ya..!! you can have all the snow you want.. in Asia. … [Read more…]

Brrrr… rrrr

Brat and I stayed home today.. because it was so windy.. i think it just might blow us away. Wind at 39km/hr .. it gets so chilly.. sometimes.. i wonder.. why we are here during the winter. Is love really blind..?? I often wonder.. how come .. i never thought it out properly .. during … [Read more…]

Weather Still Good

I checked the weather.. and it’s still going good..!! woohoo..!!! that only means one thing eh..?? going to the CITY..!! WOOHOO..!! DHAMRA SUSHI and DIM SUM here i come..!! This is our first mini vacation.. after so many years. And no worries.. about the store.. and staffing..! No morning employee..?? no worries.. we still survived.. … [Read more…]

Gloomy Skies

For the next 6 months or so.. the weather here is gonna look like this..! the sun will be out for a few hours.. sometimes none. And the winds suxs big time. Today though. the winds came from the south.. so it wasn’t bad at all. But once the wind comes from the north.. yer’ll … [Read more…]