Raining All Day

Yes.. first Hurricane Noel.. and then the weather was somewhat clear on Monday .. and today.. ??? it rained the whole day..!! cats and dogs..!! Oh boy..!! it suxs..!! everytime i need to go out of the store.. to get a coffee.. or lunch.. or throw some garbage out.. i get wet..! It just suxs … [Read more…]

Dangerous storm heads to eastern Canada

“People in Atlantic Canada are expecting heavy rain, strong winds and possible electrical outages as the remnants of Hurricane Noel hit the region this weekend.” As at 4pm this afternoon . .the rain intensified.. and it is truly nasty out there. We closed our store at 6pm this evening and told Keegan to stay home … [Read more…]

Fall Here For Sure

As much as I hate to admit it.. Fall is really here. The nites are really chilly and even in the afternoon.. it gets too windy.. for comfort. This year.. i’m not as protected towards Chloe as I was .. in the last few years. She wears a light sweater now.. with no vest but … [Read more…]

Preparing For A Big Storm

It’s the hurricane season here in Canada.. and we may be hit by it. We are just a week away from the peak season of this climate change. Newfoundland saw a post tropical storm last week, lots of rain and flooding there. We were hit hardest in 2003, when Hurricane Juan smashed through NS, we … [Read more…]

Candy Rainbow

We were preparing to leave for Grammie’s place yesterday.. and Chloe was shouting. “CANDY RAINBOW…!! CANDY RAINBOW..!!” I tell yer.. my brat never fails to amaze me.. !! i donch know where she gets that smart mouth from… 🙂 And i’m pretty sure.. i wasn’t able to say something like that.. when i was 3.5yrs … [Read more…]

Preparing for a Pounding

While we are here preparing for a nice Sunday outing.. Hurricane Dean Roars into Jamaica and the Jamaicans are preparing to get pounded..! I donch know if you are aware of it or not.. but Canadians.. loves to take their holidays in the Caribbean.. and one of the spots they go to.. on a yearly … [Read more…]

Sucky Weather!

It’s pouring outside.. !! luckily .. we got into the store.. before it started to pour again..!! And as you all know.. sucky weather.. brings in more customers for us.. !! And true enough..! customers are coming in left, right and center.. to get movies.. and games.. 🙂 One customer just rented like 6 movies. … [Read more…]

Weather Nuts

The weather has been nuts..!! it so humid.. and hot here today..!! and it’s really uncomfy.. if you donch have the fan blown directly at you. I know.. i know.. i complained it is always cold.. and now that it is hot.. i also complained..!!! But really uncomfy leh..!! so what to do..?? complain lor..!! … [Read more…]