Nice Summer Day

What a nice and warm day it was today..! very summery like.. but the wind was cool.. but that’s alright.. it was still warmer than most days. If you all donch know by now.. even summer here can be really chilly. We donch get very much warm days. But the house was really hot.. and … [Read more…]

Summer Happened

Summer happened yesterday, 21st June. Unfortunately for us.. the nite before it was raining. This morning… it was so-so.. but if you asked anyone here.. they would say it’s nice. For me.. summer should be hot, hot.. ! beach weather hot..! We would be lucky if we have 2 months of good weather. Fortunately, business … [Read more…]


Yes.. really Eeeeeewwwwkkk..!! it’s raining again..!! not the heavy kinda rain.. but really gloomy out here… and i here i was thinking with going to specially bring Grammie out here for babysitting.. because the brat misses her grammie so much.. they can go to the swing or play outside.. and then of course.. the weather … [Read more…]


If you are wondering if PB brought us to the lighthouse on Sunday.. you prolly know.. he didn’t. Since we had to open the store for abit.. for the regular customers.. who might need a movie or two. This picture is courtesy of a friend/customer : Marie Blauvelt

Awesome Weather

Awesome weather today..!! I’m not cold at all..!! and chloe didn’t have to wear a sweater. It was given as high as 19 degree today.. and i’ve just sent Chloe out to the park with Keegan. Not much wind either.. which makes it a perfect day for the park. I hope the weather holds.. coz’ … [Read more…]

Freaky Weather in May

Yup..! you guess right..!! if you have just seen my banner being changed again.. it has been raining since last nite.. and i can hear some thunder as well..! *Sigh*!! just when you think the weather is changing warmer soon.. then “bam” .. the rain comes.. and the dreary sky.. and the works.. of course. … [Read more…]

Foggy Town

Yup.. this was our weather for Thursday. Although not too cold.. but still foggy. While the rest of Asia.. and the United States is experiencing summer weather.. here i am .. still wearing a thick sweater.. and the brat is layered everyday.. at least 3 .. if in the store.. and 4 .. when she … [Read more…]

Freaking Weather Again

I had wanted to change my banner AGAIN.. coz’ we are having a few good sunny days. But there it was on the weather channel.. it says.. it is gonna be raining till next week Wednesday..!!! What a bummer..!!! Oh well.. !! for those .. who haven’t voted for my love or hate my banner.. … [Read more…]

It’s Raining

Yup.. it’s still very windy outside.. !! i had to fight against the wind.. to walk from the carpark to the store. But you know what…??!!?? it is so good to be out..! We have so much fun at the store.. where our regular customer/s would stop in just to chat.. and have fun. Now … [Read more…]

We’re Home

Chloe & I are home today.. because she didn’t sleep the whole nite. And we had already told her.. that she wouldn’t be going to the store.. if she continues waking up a few times during the nite. Plus PB had her for the whole day .. last nite.. so i wanted to give him … [Read more…]

Freaking Weather 3

This is freaking unbelieveable..!! snowing in April..!!! Been snowing since last nite at 9pm. PB had said.. it would last.. but it’s blowing so hard.. there must be 2cm of snow accumulated so far. What a bummer..!! More money to heat the store.. and home..! &&&&*^*&^*&^%%%_**_^^_(*$ Updated: Pictures taken on Easter Day.

Spring..?? NOT!

It was the first day of Spring yesterday.. officially i mean… but it was freaking cold .. the whole day..!! And it sure doesn’t look any better today.. we are expecting rain.. and still cold .. out there..!! Spring time it is NOT..!! A disillusion..!!